Saturday, March 7, 2009

WVO Added to Storage Drum; Fat-Mobile Tested Successfully!

Remember all of that Waste Vegetable Oil that we had lying around the facility? On Friday, we went ahead and poured it into one of the 55-gallon storage drums. Let me promise you -- that's some gross stuff. It's just nasty. Since the weather was so nice, it was also a great day to test out the "Fat-Mobile." This is the tank that we outfitted to pump WVO into it from the dining centers an then pump it back out into our storage. After some initial complications, we finally got it to work.

I wore gloves and a lab coat while pouring the WVO into the storage container because it was splashing all over me.

Eris and Ken are trying to "prime" the pump in this photo. This was not an easy task, and involved them getting their hands a little dirty.

Here is a photo of the first successful test of the pump. The long pole on the right has a few holes near the bottom to suck the WVO into the tank. Since the holes are small, it also ensures that we do not suck in bones or other large objects, so it acts as a pre-filtering system. The small pipe on the left is where the WVO is pumped out into the tank....

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