Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress in the Facility

We are making progress in the UR Biodiesel Facility, with most of the hardware now installed. Our shelving units are now installed, the fire cabinet and lab bench have been moved into the facility and placed, and the racks for the WVO storage tanks and the processor itself are just about complete. Click below for more information and photos...

Remember, you can view all of the most up-to-date UR Biodiesel pictures by clicking here.

We are in the process of ordering the smaller components necessary to "connect the dots" if you will. This is everything from pumps (three have already arrived) to tubes, plumbing equipment, etc. We are trying to scrounge together as many unused parts from around the University as possible before ordering, both to save money and in the overall interest of sustainability.

Finally some more of our lab supplies were delivered last week, including funnels and latex gloves.

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